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Bohan Jiang

Computer Science Student at the University of Western Ontario

Hi, I'm Bohan. I'm a second year computer science student at Western University. Welcome to my personal website.

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Email: Phone Number:(613) 700-0777 Resume: Download my Resume Here Social Media:LinkedIn
Who am i?
I'm a second-year computer science student at Western University, and I'm interested in pursuing a dual-degree in Honors Business Administration in the future. In my spare time, I like to work on some riveting coding projects, hit the gym, read books, and delve into the personal finance world.
Where am I from?
Since my birth in Zibo, China, I've traveled across the world to live in three countries and six different cities. Such cities include Wuhan, Singapore, Quebec City, and though my family resides now in Ottawa, I currently live in London, Ontario. Throughout my life, I've had the opportunity to pick up and learn Mandarin, English, and French.
What courses am I taking?
Some interesting courses that I'm taking include Informations Systems and Design, Machine Learning and AI, Probability and Statistics, Applied Logic for Computer Science, Data Structures and Algorithms, Accounting and Business Analysis, Excel and Advanced Financial Modelling, and Software Tools and Systems Programming.
How can you contact me?
For any inquiries and opportunities, please contact me through email, at

My portfolio

Below is a link to my portfolio page, containing a collection of some of my works and projects.


lines of code


projects done

Work and Leadership experiences

From analyst on BI enterprise software to president of a student-ran company, I've had the opportunity to tackle a variety of unique leadership positions and experiences up to date. But I'm always searching for more!


( May 2017 : August 2017 ) Cognos Technical Analyst

Joined the IBM Analytics team to troubleshoot various issues relating to IBM Cognos Enterprise BI Software. Gained expertise relating to Software Architecture, IIS/Apache Webservers, Oracle/SQL server Databases, ODBC/JDBC Connections, Single-Sign On, Security Vulnerabilities, Distributed Environments, Performance issues, SQL Query Generation, Java Runtime Environments, UNIX/Linux flavors.

Provided support to IBM Cognos Analytics’ Fortune 500 customers and received consistent positive feedback to contribute to the rise of IBM Analytics’ Net Promoter Score.


( May 2017 : Present ) Co-Chair

Manage day-to-day operational and administrative activities to support the FuturFund's organizational goals of raising awareness about financial literacy and making it sexy for youth across Canada.

Reached out to over two thousand youth accross Canada through social media campaigning, high school workshops, conferences, and website visits.


( July 2016 : April 2017 ) Director of Technology

Oversaw the thorough technological overhaul of FuturFund, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate and promote financial literacy for youth in Canada.

Designed and developed the organization’s website using WordPress along with injected HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP. Optimized the website for Search Engines, which led to over 3000 unique website visitors.

Organized the technological aspect of FuturFund’s third annual conference – directly contributed to the financial literacy education of over 200 youth from 55 high schools and 8 post-secondary institutions.

Access Healthcare Services Inc.

( July 2016 : Aug. 2016 ) Database Administration Specialist

Managed a healthcare clinic’s database on Microsoft SQL Server using database configurations and SQL queries to locate clients and staff members’ specific personal information.

Oversaw strict and safe procedures to ensure secure database server migration and backup of over 8000 clients’ sensitive information and 2TB of data.


( Feb. 2016 ) Team Leader

Selected contestant for MIT’s annual high school Hackathon; Lead a team of students to create GoSomewhere, a website and app dedicated to help homeless people find nearby help, food, and shelter. Personally utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop and design GoSomewhere’s front-end, a website and app dedicated to help homeless people find nearby help, food, and shelter.


( Sept. 2015 : Jan. 2016 ) President

Elected President of the student-ran entrepreneurship startup, InfiniTea. The company's main product was various flavors of artisanal tea wrapped in a handcrafted gift box. This position required extensive leadership skills, the ability to manage relationships between customers and suppliers, and the initiative to effectively delegate tasks and manage workers in a company environment. Results included an extremely satsifed customer base, an exceptionally large product demand, over $1000 in income, and a 200% return on investment to investing shareholders.

Multi-Photo Editor Extension

( Feb. 2014 : Aug. 2015 ) Project Leader

Lead a team of developers to work directly with a client to design and implement a market-grade Photoshop plugin to batch edit multiple pictures simultaneously for a sports card editing business, Topshelf Sports Photography. Utilized HTML5 for front-end service and ExtendScript for functionality building to create a Photoshop extension that simplified the batch editing, import, and export of multiple pictures simultaneously upon a specified template.

Record Time

( Sept. 2014 : Jan. 2015 ) Vice-President IT

Elected Vice-President of Information Technology for a student-run entrepreneurship, Record Time. The company manufactured a clock constructed by spray prainting stencil clock designs onto a vinyl record, and subsequently installing clock mechanisms onto these vinyl disks. My position required me to conduct website development and design, supportive business card design, online marketing, social media profile management, and various other IT projects required by the company. The Marketing Award was attained for the company's exceptional product marketing.

Loblaws Bakery

( Sept. 2014 - Mar. 2015 ) Bakery Assistant

Bakery associate at the local grocery store. Responsibilities included customer service by helping and serving customer needs, cleaning, baking, packaging, etc. During night shifts, additional duties included inventory management and product organization.

Café Français

( Oct. 2012 : June 2015 ) Club Head

Founded the high school's sole French Club with over 70+ members in order to promote bilingualism in the school community. Responsibilities included directing social activities in French, while also providing help for students’ French projects and homework.

Personal Tutor

( Nov. 2012 : Aug. 2016 )

Personal tutor that taught students from Grades 1 – 11 in French, English, Math, and Sciences by going over their homework and projects at school as well as instigating a variety of different learning techniques and exercises.

Le Soleil

( Oct. 2010 : June 2011 ) Newspaper Delivery

My first part-time job at the age of 11 - delivered newspapers each morning at 6AM. Different streets and customers each day required constant reorganizing of routes to assure fast delivery in time.

technical skills

Here is a list of some of the technical tools that I know and have worked with.

  • JAVA
  • C/C++
  • Python

  • JavaScript/AJAX
  • Node.JS/Jquery
  • BOotstrap/JSON

  • React/Angular
  • GNU Octave
  • XML (XSD)

  • Swift/XCODE
  • Git/Github
  • Linux/UNIX & Shell Scripts

  • DBMS (Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL)
  • Adobe CC Suite
  • MS Office Suite

  • AWS
  • Fundamental ML Algorithms
  • Visual Basic

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