Bomberman A Java Game Project
PurposeIndependent Project
CategoryJava/Game Development

The Challenge

This challenge of this game development project in Java was to design a fun, interactive, multiplayer game from scratch. The main difficulties encountered in this project consisted of random game map generation, multithread implementation as to allow for simultaneous reading of multiple key presses at the same time, and intelligent AI design for the game.

The Project

Bomberman is a traditional maze-based arcade video game based off of the original concept, where the main objective is to kill the enemy player by placing bombs on the ground, all the while dodging these bombs to stay alive. In my iteration of the game, 2-4 players (AI or using one keyboard) spawn in the corners of a randomly generated map, and must make their way to each other by bombing grass terrain, which has a possibility to drop power-ups!

Features of the game

Singleplayer: 1 player and up to 3 AI Multiplayer: 2-4 players on one keyboard

In the game, each map is randomly generated, and the players spawn at the four corners. Players can make their way through the maze by dropping bombs next to bushes, but cannot destroy the fixed bedrock on the map. Bushes have a chance to drop power-ups, which, according to their icon and upon being picked up, may produce effects such as decreasing bomb explosion delay, increasing explosion radius, increasing character speed, or generating armor for the character.

Video featuring Bomberman

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