Futurfund A Web Development Venture
PurposeFuturfund Organization
CategoryWeb Design & Development

The Challenge

As FuturFund is a not-for-profit startup organization dedicated towards financial literacy within young adults and high school students, the challenge involved with designing FuturFund's website was to implement an interactive and engaging website interface that would attract the target audience to frequent the website.

Futurfund Website
The Project

The FuturFund website comprises all that the organization needs in order to attract new readers from its target audience. The organization has only started up in the recent years, and is seeking a wide audience of readers to promote financial literacy within young adults and high school students.

Features of the Website

The FuturFund website is an interactive experience that allows frequenters to become interested in financial literacy.

The design and development of the FuturFund website was an intricate task due to the various features of the site. The website includes javascript animations, background video embedding, automated blog subscription through PHP, and a thorough css style scheme.

Visit the site!

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