Infinitea A Video Editing Project
PurposeCompany of the Year Nomination
CategoryVideo Editing

The Challenge

The challenge of the project was to produce a two minute video that would both highlight the acheivements and operations of the Infinitea company. The video needed to inspire and convince the viewer that Infinitea was a suitable candidate for the Junior Acheivement Company of the Year Award.

The Project

The video consisted of a timeline montage of the company's growth, sales, and acheivements up to date, and featured many video animation and effects created in Adobe After Effects and assembled in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Features and Video Effets

The Infinitea Company of the Year nomination video features a variety of video animations and graphics created through Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

The video features custom graphic effects and animations for charts and statistics as to demonstrate the acheivements of the company. The video also included particle details, timeline animations, and a matching color scheme stressing the company's uniformity.

Watch the Video!

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