Multi-Photo Editor A Photoshop extension Project
ClientMr. Brent Darbyson
CategorySoftware Development

The Challenge

This software was dedicated towards a client, Mr. Darbyson, who needed a program running on his Mac (OSX device) capable of extracting texts and pictures from an organized database and automatically inserting that information onto (.psd) templates designed to collect that data. Mr. Darbyson needed to insert numerous pictures, divisions, and names of children onto the same hockey card template for his sports card business. Hence, this inspired the challenge of the multi-photo editor extension, which was designed towards helping speed up the workflow of photoshop professionals and designers by allowing these users to edit multiple (.psd) images at once.

Multi-Photo Editor
The Project

Multi-Photo Editor is a photoshop extension that allows users to modify and create multiple similar pictures at once in Photoshop format (.psd), based upon a template. This software should allow users to create a multitude of similar pictures, containing minor text or picture differences, but with identical templates or styles, in a very efficient and swift manner.

Features and Functions

Multi-Photo Editor allows the user to edit multiple pictures simultaneously;

MPEditor allows users to specify adjustments on one image and apply these modifications to all other images within the designated database. The extension also allows users to edit text placed upon multiple images with respect to a pre-determined template. Text would be extracted from a given database and placed sequentially upon the specified template. The extension also allows users to place customized pictures, extracted sequentially from a given folder, and place these images upon multiple iterations of the specified template.

Video featuring MPEditor

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