Sew Fun A Web Design Project
PurposeCS1033 Project
CategoryWeb Design & Development

The Challenge

The challenge involved with the design and development of the Sew Fun website was to match the specifications of the project all the while invoking a modern design and a theme that would match the style of a local London sewing business.

Sew Fun Website
The Project

Sew Fun was a web development project for a local sewing proprietorship that was created according to project specifications, and using a combination of Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Features of the Website

The Sew Fun website was designed with a rustic theme, with the intention of matching the handcrafted aspect of the business.

The Sew Fun website features an interactive Google maps using the Google maps API, an organized masonry section featuring sewing works, and a zoom-in gallery with a variety of works examples. The website also involves javascript hover-over animations, and a consistent CSS design stressing the handcrafted aspect of the sewing business.

Visit the site!

Sew Fun
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