Slider Game A Java Game Project
PurposeIndependent Project
CategoryJava/Game Development

The Challenge

A big task of this game development project in Java consisted of making a game entirely based on algorithms. Indeed, the randomly scrambling pieces of the game had to be ensured to be both at the user's demanded difficulty level, but also solvable for the user.

Slider Game
The Project

Slider Game was a game developed in Java, which consists of a 4x4 grid of sliding pieces, with the player's goal being to place these pieces back into order. The black piece represents a "blank space", upon which the user can click on adjacent pieces next to the space to move the puzzle pieces around.

Features of the Game

The Slider Game features two game modes and five difficulty settings.

The Slider Game has a picture and a number game mode, and also features five difficulty levels, ranging from easiest to hardest, which dictates the level to which the scrambling algorithm has to scramble the game for. However, each scrambling iteration is ensured to be solvable.

Pictures featuring the Slider Game

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